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Rules & Regulations




1)       Definition

a)       "The Association" means the Alumni Association of the Concerned College/Institute

b)       The Concered college/Institute.

c)       The "General Body" means the General Body of the Association.

d)       The "Executive Committee" means the Executive Committee of the Association.

e)       Alumnus means an ex-student of the Institute, who has obtained a degree/diploma from this Institute

f)        "Trustees" means trustees of a trust set up by the General Body under these rules.

g)       An "honorary member" means any person other than an Alumnus, who has been elected by the General Body of the Association.

h)       The financial year of the Association shall be reckoned every year from 1st April to 31st March of the following year.

2)       Patrons

a)       The Association may have Patrons as approved by the Executive Committee, provided that a patron shall be an out-standing professional engineer/scientist or a social worker.  Such appointment being for a period of one year.

b)       The Chairman of the board of the Governors of M.L.A.College Kasba (Purnea) shall be an ex-officio Patron of the Alumni Association.

3)       Membership

a)       Any student who successfully obtains any under graduate degree from the M.L.A.College, Kasba(Purnea), automatically becomes a Life member of the Association from the date of issue of the Result Notification granting the said degree on payment of the appropriate membership fees as described in Clause 3(c).

b)       Any ex-student, members of the staff or ex-member of the staff of the Institute who does not fulfill the above condition as in 3(a) but who, on the recommendation of the Executive Committee, is admitted by the Association on payment of the appropriate membership fees as prescribed in Clause 3(c).

c)     The membership fee in respect of all the members defined in Clause 3(a) and 3(b) would be decided by mutual discussions between the Institute and the Association from time to time.  The mode of collection of the membership fees would be decided from time to time in mutual discussions between the Institute and the Association.

4)       Honorary Member

The Association, in the General Body on the recommendation of the Executive Committee, may elect any person connected with the Institute or the Association, who is likely to promote the interests of the Association, as an Honorary Member for two years.

5)       Membership Rights

All members and honorary members are entitled to receive all announcements etc. (as and when the usage of the internet becomes widespread, posting of such announcements on the website shall amount to their being received by the members) connected with the activities of the Association, the Alumni Newsletter, Annual Magazine and also participate in all social functions and other activities of the Association.  All members will also be beneficiaries of any schemes or assistance programmes administered by the Association.

6)       Organization

The following shall be the authorities of the Association.

  1. The Chairman
  2. The Vice-Chairman
  3. The General Body
  4. The Executive Committee

The method of selection of the office bearers and their roles are defined in subsequent paragraphs.

7)             a).The Chairman

The Principal of the M.L.Arya College Kasba(Purnea), Bihar will be the  Chairman of the Association.  The Chairman will sanction all budgets and will exercise overall control on all policy matters of the Association.  The routine activities and the general administration of plans & programmes will be supervised and co-ordinated by the President.

b)     The Vice-Chairman

The Executive Committee will appoint a distinguished Alumnus, who is well known in Industry and business circles, as a Vice-Chairman.  The Vice-Chairman will have no administrative responsibility but will function/serve as a Patron and Ambassador-at-large for the Alumni Association and the Institute in Professional and Business Associations and other fora where he is active.  The Executive Committee, if it considers appropriate / necessary may appoint up to two such Vice-Chairmen.  The Vice-Chairman will hold office for one year at a time

8)       The General Body

a)       The General Body shall consist of all the members of the Association as defined in Clause 3(a) 3(b) and 4.

b)       The General Body shall consider the President's report of the past year's activities, the president-elect’s budget and plan of activities for the next year, approval of accounts, election of members of the Executive Committee, appointment of auditors, legal advisors and any other matters arising from time to time.

c)       The General Body shall meet on the last Saturday of April unless the change is notified to the members well in advance.  This meeting referred to as the Annual General Meeting shall statutorily consider the following:

i)         Approval of previous year's accounts.

ii)       Introduction of new office bearers.

iii)      Election of the members of the Executive Committee.

iv)     Appointment of Auditors.

v)       Appointment of legal advisors, if any.


d)       The Honorary Secretary shall, upon being requested in writing by the Executive Committee or by at least 15 members of the Association, call an extraordinary meeting of the General Body for which at least 2 weeks notice along with agenda shall be circulated to all the members.

e)       The quorum for the General Body shall be 40 members present in person.  In case the quorum is not complete, the Chairman shall adjourn the meeting and reconvene it after 30 minutes, at which time, the members present will constitute the quorum and there will be no minimum requirement.

f)        All the resolutions put to vote at the General Body shall be decided by a majority vote (unless otherwise provided) on a show of hands.  In case of equality of votes the `Presiding Officer` shall have the casting vote.

g)       In case the Executive Committee is satisfied that a member/honorary member has been working against the interests of the Association/the profession it may recommend the termination of the membership of the concerned member/honorary member to the general Body which shall have the powers to do so.

h)       The Executive Committee shall have 21 elected members, who shall be elected to office for a 3-year term.  The General Body shall elect 7 members (i.e. one-third the strength) every year to the vacated categories from amongst the membership of the Association by a majority vote as under:

i)         At least one member of minimum 25 years standing.

ii)       At least three members of minimum 15 years standing.

iii)      At least five members of minimum 5 years standing.

iv)     The remaining two members may have any seniority.

i)         A member can be reelected to the Executive Committee, if he so wishes after a gap of one year.

j)         The President or in his absence the Secretary shall be the returning officer for the elections.

9)       The Executive Committee

a)       The affairs of the Association shall be managed and the funds administered by the Executive Committee which shall consist of following members:-

i)         The Chairman as defined in Clause 7. a)  and The Vice-Chairman as defined in clause 7. b).

ii)       Twenty-one alumni to be elected by the General Body as detailed in Clause 8(h).

iii)      The immediate past president, immediate past secretary, and immediate past treasurer will continue as members of the Executive Committee as defined in Clause 9a(ii) if they have not completed their 3 years term, if his/her 3 year term has been completed he/she shall relinquish office as member of the Executive Committee.  They may, however, be reelected to the Executive Committee after a gap of one year.

iv)     Two Senior Professors of the M.L.Arya College,Kasba(Purnea) to be nominated by the Chairman.

v)       One of the General Secretaries of the students’ organization for the running year to be nominated by the Students Affairs Council shall be an ex-offico member.

vi)     The immediate past president if he has completed 3 years as Executive Committee member shall be ex-officio member of the Executive Committee.

b)       The Executive Committee shall have the right to co-opt members and/or appoint sub-committees from amongst the General Body from time to time for an execution of specific assignments as required.

c)       Any casual vacancy amongst the members of the Executive Committee arising from death, resignation, removal or otherwise, may be filled by co-option by the Executive committee and the member so co-opted shall hold office for the balance term of the member being replaced. Such co-opted member shall be treated on par and have all the rights as enjoyed by the elected members under clause 8h(see also 10 b (ix).

d)       The Executive Committee shall have the power to appoint from amongst the members of the General Body or from amongst its own members, Editor and other staff for the printing and publication of Brochures, Newsletters, Annual Magazine of the Association.

e)       The quorum for the meeting of the Executive Committee shall be seven members personally present provided that only Committee members under Clause 9(a) (i), (ii), (iii), (v) and (vi) shall be entitled to vote in the meeting and only their presence shall be counted for the purpose of forming the quorum.

f)        The Executive Committee shall manage the affairs of the Association by majority vote in the Committee Meeting provided that in case of equality of votes, the President shall have the casting vote.

g)       The Executive Committee shall meet at least four times a year.  The Secretary shall issue the notice and the agenda of the meeting at least a week before the date fixed for the meeting.  However, in case of urgent business, the meeting may be called at shorter notice.

h)       The Executive Committee shall be Executive Authority of the Association.  It shall be responsible for all the finances and funds of the Association and shall give effect to the plans and programmes of the Association and shall have the authority to carry them out.

i)         The property, movable, and immovable, belonging to the Association, shall be vested with the Executive Committee.

j)         On or before the Fourteenth Day succeeding the day on which the Annual General Meeting of the General Body is held, a list shall be filled with the Registrar of Societies Delhi of the names, address and occupations of the members of the Executive Committee.

k)       The Executive Committee may terminate the membership of any of its members, in case he fails to attend two consecutive meetings of the said Committee without the grant of leave of absence.  However, the President may grant leave of absence to any member.

11)   Finance

a)       The Association may receive funds, donations, and financial assistance from any non-political source for the furtherance of its objective.

b)       The Executive Committee shall determine the expenditure, which is necessary to carry on the affairs of the Association and is authorized to incur such expenditure.  In this connection, within 30 days of the Annual General Body meeting, a meeting of the Executive Committee will be held with the Chairman of the Association in which a proforma of a major activities for the coming year will be discussed and finalized, including budgetary allocation.  The Chairman shall preside over this meeting.  Once the budget has been approved, the responsibility for proper utilization of funds will be that of the President.  The President may seek the advice of the Chairman, if necessary.  All investments will be ratified by the General Body at its next meeting.

c)       All monies received on behalf of the Association shall be placed in the name of the M.L.Arya College Kasba(Purnea) Alumni Association in an account to be maintained in a bank to be approved by the Executive Committee.  Any two of the Chairman, President, Secretary and Treasurer will sign all cheques up to ------------/- and those above Rs. ----------------/- shall require the signatures of the chairman.  All Expenditure more than Rs.-----------/- shall have the prior approval of the Chairman/President.

d)       The Association's financial year shall end on March 31st.  The Executive Committee shall direct the accounts atleast once a year by the auditor appointed by the General Body at the Annual General Meeting.

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